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The Revolutionary Device that can Eliminate Your Chronic Neck Issues in Just 2 Weeks!

In these hectic times, what could possibly top getting a world-class neck and shoulder massage every day in the comfort of your own home?


Stress, excessive cell phone and computer usage, physically demanding jobs, carrying the kids around, accidents, you name it... NECK RESTORE overcomes it all in one fell swoop! And brings you a euphoric sense of relief and relaxation at the end of each day.


All it takes is 15 minutes per day to restore the proper curvature of your cervical spine, and relieve your neck and shoulder pain in AS LITTLE AS 2 WEEKS!

  Three Pre-Engineered Massage Protocols


  Three Heat Level Options


  Five Levels of Optional Electro-Stim Therapy


  Sturdy Construction to Support All Body Types


  Easy-to-Use Intuitive Device Controller


  Soft Medical Grade Silicon for Maximum Comfort 

Normal Price: $299.00




1 Year Full

Product Warranty

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The #1 Thing People Don't Realize About Chronic Neck Pain will SHOCK YOU:

There are many things that can lead to neck pain... from poor posture, accidents, physically demanding jobs, working on a computer all day, extended cell phone usage, sports related issues, carrying kids or a heavy purse, and even bad sleeping positions...

But no matter the main cause, the underlying reason you suffer from chronic neck pain and tension is that you lose the proper spinal curvature in your neck... because when your neck curvature is compromised, the rest of your body has to compensate to support that 10 pound bowling ball on the top of your spine, also known as your head.

When proper neck curvature is restored and your head is balanced on your spine, ALL of the muscle in your neck, shoulders and upper back can start to relax again!... PLUS, discs and nerves will not be compressed!




NECK RESTORE actually addresses the UNDERLYING cause of the problem!


And Here's the Scary Part

If you do NOTHING, your condition will typically continue to get worse and could lead to:

  More Intense Pain


  Spine Surgery 


  Unexplainable Health Issues


  Huge Medical Bills


  Lots of Time Off from Work


  A Sedentary Lifestyle with No Physical Activity

Why risk all of these potential life-ruining outcomes when you don't have to???

You Should be Pain Free Like These Customers!

Can't Make it to Your Massage Therapist or Chiropractor? Let it come to you!

You don't have to spend $80 on a Deep Tissue Massage or $50 on a Chiropractic adjustment every time you have tension or pain in your neck and shoulders. Who has the time or budget for that?


With NECK RESTORE, you can enjoy a World-class neck massage at home any time you want it! Relieve, restore and recharge without moving an inch!


Neck Restore has solid construction and scientifically proven kneading movement patterns that melt away all the knots and tension in your neck and shoulders FAST.



  Immediately Relax Muscles in Your Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back


  Alleviate Your Chronic Neck Pain and Discomfort 


  Restore Proper Curvature to Your Cervical Spine


  Prevent Further Deterioration of Your Cervical Spine


  Increase Range of Motion in Your Neck


  Reduce Spinal Nerve Compression in Your Neck


  Reduce Your Chance of Needing Surgery


  Give You More Relief per Dollar Spent than ANY OTHER Product or Therapy available today!


The Choice Seems Pretty Obvious, Don't You Agree?



$50/ Visit

4 Visits/Month to Feel Good


Cost: $2,400/Year



$80/ Visit

3 Visits/Month to Feel Good


Cost: $2,800/Year



No Driving Necessary

Unlimited Uses


Cost: $249 ONE TIME

Should provide years of relief

THE TRUTH IS: You should Invest in a NECK RESTORE Dynamic Traction Device for Just $249.00... Save a Ton of Money... Get More Relief from the Comfort of Your Own Home... AND... Maintain That Relief AT NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSE!

FLIP THE SCRIPT: An Intriguing New Approach to Neck Pain Relief! (Watch this video) 

Want to Know Why NECK RESTORE Out-Performs Other Neck Traction Devices?... Keep Reading!

Sure... basic traction does help alleviate SHORT-TERM discomfort, but without restoring proper curvature, that relief will always be very short lived and the underlying problem will NOT be corrected!


With Neck Restore, you get both short and longer-term relief with consistent use, and over time you can use it less and less and still maintain your results!

All the other neck devices on the market ONLY PROVIDE TRACTION... They do nothing to help restore the proper curvature in the neck. This is the main reason why NECK RESTORE is so much more effective... It actually helps to correct the root cause of the problem!


PLUS... Neck Restore is much easier to use, totally safe, and offers a much more pleasurable, relaxing experience!


NECK RESTORE combines 3 proven therapies to give you the most beneficial and enjoyable experience possible:

  Dynamic Neck Traction (3 Programs to choose from)


  Electro- Stim Therapies (12 intensities and 3 delivery options)

  Heat Therapy (3 Adjustable Temperature Settings)

The Dynamic Neck Traction stretches the neck the way it is meant to be stretched, creates even expansion between all of the cervical vertebra, promotes proper neck curvature, alleviates disc compression, improves blood flow, and restores more youthful mobility.


The Electro-therapy and Heat therapies are optional ways to increase blood circulation to your neck muscle so they can relax and heal.

With No Medical Knowledge, No Special Environment, No Additional Purchases... Just 15-30 Minutes a Day and 2 Weeks is All You Need For A Pain-Free Neck!

  Notice SIGNIFICANT relief within just 1-2 weeks even for the most CHRONIC cases.


  Professional, clinic-like massage from the comfort of your own home.

  No more driving to appointments or waiting for appointments to get relief.

  No unexpected additional costs to maintain your relief like with therapies.


  Completely safe and does not require medical supervision.


  Small One-time investment provides years of relief and pain management.

It's So Easy to Use Even a First Grader Could Do It!


Lie back on the device with your neck properly alligned in the neck cradle.


STEP 2: 

Turn the device on to the automated 15 minute program you prefer. (3 Choices)



Turn on the heat or electro-stim options if you desire.



Lay back, relax, and let NECK RESTORE do its job!

Normal Price: $299


Sale Ends Soon!


The Secret Life-Hack of Wealthy, Successful People is Now Within Your Reach!

If you think a good massage, is a luxury... Think again.


Successful people treat themselves to one or two sessions a week, not because they can afford it, but BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO if they want to perform at optimal levels.

It's very simple... You can't function at optimal levels and truly enjoy life to the fullest if you're stressed, in pain, or lacking sleep.


This is the number one rule of success that you need to know, whether you are:


  A person in chronic pain caused by an accident


  An office worker who spends long hours on a computer


  A hard-working laborer at a physically demanding job


  A long-distance driver


  A mother who carries kids or a heavy purse around all day


  A socialite who spends too much time looking at your phone


Neck Restore doesn't just impact your muscles and spine. It can literally change your everyday life!



How much better would your life be if you could:

  Melt away your stress in the blink of an eye


  Relieve chronic pain and tension on demand


  Enjoy a relaxing massage whenever you feel like it


  Wake up each morning refreshed and rejuvenated


  Reset your neck and shoulders at the end of each work day.


More Customer Reviews

"Neck Restore proved to me how important neck curvature is. After using it twice a day for 2 weeks as instructed, all of my neck and back issues started to improve - even my lower back pain, which I was not expecting."


Jason M.
Fresno, CA

" I practice jiu jitsu and my upper back and neck  always painful, but your neck restore machine really help me a lot. So now I train much harder with no pain and I sleep better too."


Rafael C.
Miami, FL

" 5 Star product. I work construction and my neck pain was really bad until I tried your product. I used it once a day and in a week I already started to feel a lot better." 


Juan D.
Lockhart, TX

" I used to spend $160/month at my chiropractor to keep my neck feeling good. But now that I'm using your product daily, my neck feels way better and I only have to see him when I have a bad flare up, so I'm saving a lot of money too."


Hiro T.
Torrance, CA

"I work on a computer all day, so I developed bad neck and upper problems that would totally drain my energy. But I got such good results from Neck Restore that I brought it to the office so that everyone could try it, and three of my co-workers liked it so much that they ended up buying their own lol."


Kathy P.
Augusta, GA

"I've had severe neck pain for years from a car accident and my chiro told me that my neck curvature was completely off, so when I saw your product, I knew I had to try it. Initially, it hurt if I stayed on it too long, so I had to start really slow, but I'm so glad I stuck with it. After about a week I started to notice a improvement. And after 4 weeks the my pain was pretty much gone."


Thomas H.
Fresno, CA

"I used to get really bad tension headaches and I tried so many things, but nothing worked until I found Neck Restore. Thanks for making such a great product! It has really changed my life for the better and I don't need to take meds any more! Woohoo!"


Margaret H.
Ft Worth, TX

"I'm so glad I found this product! Years of chronic neck and upper back tension were 90% better in 3 weeks! Now I only have to use it once every few days to maintain my relief! And now that the chronic tension is gone, I'm in a better mood and have a lot more energy all the time."


Susanne J.
Cleveland, OH


WHAT MAKES NECK RESTORE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER NECK TRACTION DEVICES?Most neck traction devices only offer traction. This alleviates pressure on the discs and spine, but it does not fix the underlying problem - poor neck curvature.

NECK RESTORE on the other hand, provides effective neck traction AND it helps restore ideal neck curvature. This will provide more long-term benefit because once the ideal curvature in the neck is restored and your head is properly balanced over the spine, the muscles in your neck and back won't have to work so hard and will start to relax.

HOW DO I GET THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS?For starters we recommend short 5 minutes sessions twice a day (morning and night).

Every couple of days, increase the time you spend on the device until you can complete an entire 15 minute program twice a day without discomfort.

Stick with this for at least 1-2 weeks or until your neck and back starts to feel loose and relaxed.

Once satisfactory relief is achieved, you can use the device less and get on a maintenance schedule to keep your neck curvature optimal.

Be sure to read and follow all cautions and instructions and consult your physician before using the device .

ARE THERE ANY CONTRAINDICATIONS?Do not use other medical electronic devices at the same time, such as pacemakers, heart-lung machines or electrocardiographs as this could be dangerous.

Although Neck Restore is safe to use, we highly recommend consulting your physician before using this device or any other medical grade equipment, especially if you are pregnant, have skin sensitivities, heart disease, blood pressure abnormalities, malignant tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.

Generally you should avoid cervical traction if you have:

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Post surgery hardware such as screws in your neck
A recent fracture or injury in the neck area
A known tumor in the neck area
A bone infection
Issues or blockages with vertebral or carotid arteries
Cervical instability
Spinal hyper-mobility
Spinal instability
Spinal cord compression
Serious pathology, disease or malignancy
Implanted spinal hardware
Have had spinal surgery
Acute traumatic injury
Extruded disc fragments
Inflammatory disease and/or infections
Spreading and/or aggravation of your symptoms
Do not use it if you are pregnant
Do not use the electric pulse if you have devices such as pacemakers

Specific joint, nerve, disc, vascular and other disorders or weaknesses can be aggravated and worsened.

We highly recommend consulting your doctor before using the device if you have any of the above conditions.

WILL NECK RESTORE FIT MY NECK TYPE AND SIZE?Yes, the device is designed to fit on any shape or size neck comfortably.

I HAVE SEVERE NECK ISSUES, IS THERE ANYTHING I NEED TO DO DIFFERENTLY?Anyone with sever neck issues should consult a medical professional before using Neck Restore.

If you have severe neck issues, we HIGHLY recommend that you start with very short sessions (3-5 minutes)... and start by using your NECK RESTORE on a soft surface like your bed to reduce the intensity of the traction.

HOW OFTEN CAN I USE NECK RESTORE?You can use NECK RESTORE up to twice a day.

Even a short 5 minute session can sometimes really make a difference.

CAN NECK RESTORE CAUSE DISCOMFORT?In most cases, using Neck Restore will be a relaxing, pleasurable experience.

BUT... If you have severe neck issues, Neck Restore may cause discomfort initially.

In this situation, we recommend using it on a soft surface like your bed to reduce the device's range of motion. This will decrease the intensity of the dynamic traction, making it easier to handle.

Then as your neck curvature improves and the discomfort subsides, you can try moving to a harder surface to increase the device's range of motion.

And as stated earlier, anyone with severe chronic neck issues should start slowly and gradually increase their product usage time.

If you experience severe pain or discomfort, stop using the device immediately.

DOES NECK RESTORE COME WITH A WARRANTY?Yes. Neck Restore comes with a 1 year full replacement warranty at no extra cost. Just keep your receipt as proof of purchase date.

IS NECK RESTORE COVERED BY INSURANCE? You would have to check with your insurance company. 

CAN I PURCHASE NECK RESTORE WITH MY HEALTH SAVINGS PLAN?Since every Health Savings Plan is different, we cannot offer a blanket answer to this, but it's worth a try. In many cases it will be approved.

Yes. We are located in Torrance, California and ship from within the USA.

This product will ship via UPS ground from Torrance, California. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery. The closer you are to Southern California, the faster it will be delivered.

You will be provided a tracking number once the order has shipped.

NOTE: ZenLifeProducts.com is not responsible for the inefficiencies of the delivery services we use. If a package is delayed or lost you must file a claim with them directly and let us know the outcome so we can handle things accordingly.

Of course! Just call us any time at 310-426-8267.

We're here to help and love to speak to our customers!

If you are not satisfied with the device, you may send it back within 30 days of receipt to receive a full refund minus a $10 restocking fee.

The returned product must be in re-sellable condition and with all parts and accesories included in the original packaging.

Credits are subject to approval and will be issued within 72 hours of receipt of the returned merchandise.

Before sending it back, please contact us for a Return Authorization Number.


No, we are an approved distributor of this device. However, we do handle any replacements under warranty, so there will be no delays in that process.

You're One Purchase Away from a Tension-Free & Pain-Free Life!

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This device is not designed to treat or cure any diseases.


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