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Can’t Find Time or Money for Decompression Therapy?

Breakthrough LUMBAR RESTORE is the Ultimate Solution to Your Lower Back Pain!

Get Rid of Your Lower Back Pain in as Little as 15 Minutes Per Day from the Comfort of Your Home…

What Could be Better Than Getting a World-Class Lower Back Decompressing Massage Any Time You Want it for Less Than 55 Cents a Day?

If you want to go from severe, debilitating lower back pain to leading an active, healthy lifestyle without spending thousands of dollars and hours every day on different therapies and chiropractors…


Then LUMBAR RESTORE is the only device you’ll ever need to break free from your back pain and misery once and for all, thanks to its dynamic traction, heat therapy, and vibration massage.

  Teleport back in time to your twenties with absolutely no lower back pain or discomfort.


  End your reliance on expensive therapists and spending hours driving to and from appointments.


  Simply, easy, and safe solution to your lower back pain in as little as 15 minutes per day at home.


  Small one-time investment to get significant relief in your lower back pain without any hassle.


  Calm your pinched nerves, get better sleep and avoid the chances of needing spinal surgery.

Get Rid of Your Lower Back Pain for $199 Today!

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Normal Price: $269.00



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Your Chronic Lower Back Pain is More than Just an Inconvenience…

Waking up in the middle of the night from severe lower back pain to feeling tired all day, not able to perform your day-to-day tasks normally…

Feeling sharp, excruciating pain in your lower back and taking a massive hit on your lifestyle and activity…


Not to mention the agitating weakness, numbness, and tingling in your legs that starts to consume you…


At times, it can even get so bad that you start feeling severely anxious and start going towards deep depression


And it doesn’t matter what you do, you are unable to get rid of this heart-wrenching, constant lower back pain for just one minute…

The Primary Cause of Your Lower Back Pain May Surprise You...

Have you ever wondered about the primary reason behind your lower back pain and why you are unable to get rid of it?


You see, your lumbar spine needs to have a specific reverse curvature to keep your lower back functioning properly… this is referred to as Lordosis.


Due to different reasons, this curvature can be impaired to the point where discs degenerate or bulge, arthritis kicks in, and nerves get pinched... leading to poor posture, spinal instability, excruciating pain, and discomfort.


Some of the possible reasons include sitting for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects, twisting of your spine, poor posture, sports injuries, accidents and more…


Whatever the reason may be, an impaired and deteriorated lumbar spine can significantly reduce the quality of your life…

This is why LUMBAR RESTORE succeeds where other devices and treaments fail! -- Not only does LUMBAR RESTORE alleviate pressure on the discs and nerves whenever you need it... it also help correct the underlying problem!


When a proper lumbar curvature is restored, less stress will be carried by your lower back which should lead to less pain and greater mobility.

Traditional Solutions Are Either Too Expensive or Too Time Consuming



Chiropractors use spinal manipulation techniques to gently work the curvature back into your lower back. This will typically cost you $40 to $60 per session and may require a few sessions a month to achieve and maintain any long-term relief depending on the severity of your condition. 


Cost to Feel Really Good:




Therapists will use massage, stretching, and strengthening exercises to help balance out the musculature in your lower back. This will typically cost you $50-$80 per session and require  many sessions and a few months to achieve any long-term relief.


Cost to Feel Really Good:




By using this form of motorized traction with the help of a medical expert, you can take pressure off your spinal discs and nerves that have been improperly compressed due to improper spinal curvature. The entire process requires 3 visits per week and can go on for 20-40 treatments before you see significant improvement, and each session costs $60 - $75.


Cost to Feel Really Good:


What If There Was a Simpler, Quicker, and More  Affordable Solution to Your Lower Back Pain?

Think about it for a moment...


How awesome would it be to get rid of your lower back pain without needing to drive through frustrating traffic every other day to spend hours in a clinic?


And NOT having to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to finally start seeing any significant improvement in your lower back pain…


The product that I am about to reveal to you only requires a one-time low investment and empowers you to finally say goodbye to your lower back pain in as little as 15 minutes of usage per day in the comfort of your home…


Are you ready???

The Scary Truth Is...

If you do NOTHING at this point, your condition will typically continue to get worse and could lead to:


  More Intense Pain


  A Sedentary Lifestyle with No Physical Activity


  Inability to Work and Make Money


  Spine Surgery


  Huge Medical Bills


Why risk all of these potential life-ruining outcomes when you don't have to???

Introducing... LUMBAR RESTORE;

An innovative, breakthrough device that uses professional grade dynamic traction, heat therapy, and vibrational massage to restore your lumbar spine in as little as 15 minutes per day in the comfort of your home


Simply put, it helps correct the actual root cause of your lower back pain - improper lumbar spine curvature -  freeing you forever from chiropractors, therapists, and potentially even spinal surgeries…


And the best part is, you don’t have to ever spend hours in a clinic every other day or spend thousands of dollars to get rid of your excruciating lower back pain.

LUMBAR RESTORE is the Answer to Your Prayers!


For a Low One Time Investment of $199... You Will Get Relief Whenever You Need It... Never Have to Drive to an Appointment Again... AND Save a TON of Cash! 

Imagine How Much Better Your Life Would be with These Incredible Benefits!

  Alleviate lower back discomfort at home in just 15 minutes a day.


  Improve the range of motion in your lower back and experience instant relief from back pain and discomfort.


  Significantly reduce the pressure on your discs and pinched nerves.


  Start feeling EXTENDED relief within just 2-4 weeks if used as directed.


  No more driving to appointments or waiting for appointments to get relief.


  No unexpected additional costs to maintain your relief like with therapies. 


  Embrace a safe and science-backed solution that doesn’t require any medical supervision.


  Small One-time investment provides years of relief and pain management. 

Customer Reviews

"This product really help me a lot. I work construction and my low back give me problem for a few years now. I use every day before and after work and my back feels so much better now."


Juan M.
Waco, TX

"Because of this product I can now play golf again without pain and make a full back swing. I love it and would highly recommend it if you have low back problems!"


Justin D.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I was in a car accident a few years ago and it left me with really bad lower back pain. Since then I tried many different things including chiropractic, massage and decompression therapy. Your product has given me just as much relief, but is saving me money because it's only a one time investment and I can use it any time I want or need it. 5 Stars for sure!" 


Kimberly H.
Austin, TX

"I love coming home from a long day of sitting at my desk and using this device! It's so relaxing and immediately makes my lower back feel better and more relaxed."


Juanita J.
Tucson, AZ

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Here’s How LUMBAR RESTORE Works Simply and Easily:

LUMBAR RESTORE combines 3 proven therapies to give you the most beneficial and enjoyable experience possible:


  Dynamic Traction (2 Programs to choose from)


  Heat Therapy (3 Adjustable Temperature Settings)


  Vibration Therapy

The vertical movement of the device uses your body weight to gently stretch the lumbar spine, alleviate pressure between the vertebra and discs, restore proper curvature, and increase mobility... while the Heat and Vibration Therapy help to increase blood flow and relax the lower back muscles.

Lie back on the device and make sure you have it properly aligned under your Lumbar spine.

Pick the Dynamic Traction program you prefer and add heat and vibration if you so desire.

Lay back and relax for 15 minutes while your Lumbar Restore does its job! It feels HEAVENLY!

Watch this Video

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is not recommended for people with "sway back" or excessive lordosis.

More Reviews

"This product is amazing. I paid $1000 for a bunch of Spinal Decompression sessions and your product works just as good or maybe even better because I can do it more often and whenever I feel like I need it, and it includes the heat and vibration therapy which feels great. It's way cheaper too!" 


Rebecca P.
Phoenix, AZ

"I've had bad lower back problems for years. When I first started using your product, I literally had to crawl off of it because the traction is pretty strong. But I followed your advice and stuck with it, and eventually things started to improve. I know my back pain will probably never go away at this point, but it's great to have something like this to help me manage the pain and keep it from getting worse."


Terrence M.
Manhattan Beach, CA

"I give this product 5 stars. It's very easy to use and works as promised. It provides a wide range of traction, the heat therapy works great, and the vibration is strong. My back definitely feels better every time I use it."


Mike D.
San Diego, CA 

"After seeing your video online, I was super excited to try this product. It just looks like it will be effective. And sure enough, within a week, I'm already noticing a substantial increase in mobility and reduction in pain which allows me to be faster and more explosive on the tennis court."


Kevin T.
Honolulu, HI

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A Better, Painless, More Active Life Awaits You! (For Less Than 55 Cents a Day)

Don’t you wish to finally get rid of your lower back pain instead of it continuing to affect you every passing day?


With a one-low payment of $199 ($70 OFF!), you can finally get rid of your lower back pain and take control of your life while sitting in the comfort of your home…


All you have to do is use LUMBAR RESTORE for 15-minutes a day and start seeing tremendous improvements in your lower back pain after just 2-4 weeks of usage.


So, don’t wait and click the ADD-TO-CART button below to get your hands on this life-changing device at an unbelievably low one-time price today!

Normal Price: 299.00



The traction is more intense than it seems, so when you are done with a session, we HIGHLY recommend you take your time getting off the device and sit quietly for a few minutes to let your spine "settle in" before making any sudden movements.

Resting in "child's pose" or GENTLE static stretches for a couple of minutes after a session are ideal.

If you have severe lower back issues, we recommend using the device on a bed, this will reduce the intensity of the traction.

Or... you can start in manual mode and create as much traction as you can take in your comfort zone and then gradually increase if over time until you can handle the automated programs.

If the device causes you too much pain, give us a call before returning the device. We may be able to come up with a solution for you.

If you need MORE intense traction, that is easy to create.

The device comes with a "dish" that you place under the device to increase the intensity of the traction. Or you can fold a towel to different thicknesses and place it under the device to create the same effect.

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